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"Monolit" group of companies

"Studio Monolit" is a part of "Monolit" group of companies, which also includes: "Monolit Trading" company, audio products factory (CD, MC, DVD), Max Fadeev production centre, Gaspar Arnery production company (joint-stock venture with Russia’s First TV Channel), music market magazine "2M".

A combination of own production centre, record company and trading company allows "Monolit" to give its clients a broad set of services in terms of one transparent structure. It helps to cut expenses when transferring the projects between the different parts involved in work on the project, to speed up its realization, simplify the agreements, guarantee the legal purity of the chain and security of the information. We can take on perspective projects at any point of their realization.

A broad client network, including all regions of Russia and abroad, makes it possible to guarantee the rights holders, that their projects will be released on time, with proper quality and that they will have a broad distribution. We provide the rights holders with timely reports on their projects realization, structured by time and territory.

"Monolit" is building its relationships with artists and rights holders on the basis of maximum openness. We have large experience and we are ready to work with any directions in music and video, demanded by the retail customers. "Monolit" is a well-known Russian company, having a big number of successful projects.

"Studio Monolit" record company

"Studio Monolit" record company started its work in Russian show business in 1994. The company works in the field of pop, rock and modern instrumental music, releases albums, singles and compilations of Russian and foreign artists. The main directions of work are:


    • music releases (CD, MC)
    • production of records by well-known artists
    • production of records by beginning artists
    • concert and tour promotion


    • movie and music video releases (DVD, VHS)
    • movie projects executive production
    • music video and presentation video production
    • DVD release preparation (design, authoring)

"Studio Monolit" owns following popular brands of music compilations:

    • XXXL
    • Novaya Igrushka (New Toy)
    • Goryachaya Dvadtsatka (Hot 20)

The company owns a large catalogue of authors and neighbouring rights to many popular music compositions, and authors rights to video and movie productions.

    • authors rights catalogue (music)
    • neighbouring rights catalogue (music)
    • authors rights catalogue (movies and videos)

To contact us please use the contact information (top right) or the contact form (bottom right). The latter will help you to contact the appropriate person directly.
Studio Monolit office
4a Novodanilovskaya naberezhnaya
Moscow, 117105

ph.: +7 495 510 22 55



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